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HI,  As mum of two boys I came up with the idea to make these blinds for them, as the complaints of "its not dark" at 9pm and "its Light" at 4am meant lots of late bedtimes and early wake ups. Our blinds are so simple and an easy way of blocking the light all the way round the blind. Which makes for happy mums and dads, when the children go to bed on time and wake up later.

Also for adults who like a very dark bedroom too!


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Henley on Thames


Rosetta Art Centre, Straftford.  David Allies-Curtis,  Arts Development Officer
" Just a quick one to say thank you for the blinds. They fit beautifully. Sorry its taken so long to say so, things are very busy here!"

Rosetta Art Centre, Straftford. David Allies-Curtis, Arts Development Officer